At Home We Belong

At Home We Belong is an expression on needing to be accepted in different levels, as a person, as an artist and as an society.

I come from a small society, my home town is the second biggest town in Greenland and we are about 5000 people. The whole country has around 55.000 people. Even though our nature gives us a lot, the import is very high. Wood for the houses, music, art, cars, clothing, in fact, almost everything is imported.

Because of the high level of import, we have a very open view for the rest of the world and because of the little amount of export, the world has a narrow knowledge about os. That leads to prioritising of foreign acceptance.

As an artist, I need to be accepted in other countries to get the acceptance of my people. On top of that we are still fighting against the stereotypes that were created when we were a colony.

This is part of the fight, the fight to remain to know who we are, the fight to keep our identity.