City Project

As I travel, I go on adventures within myself, I search in my own soul, find as many corners as I can, grow my personality as a tree. 
That means everywhere I move, I find more personalities in myself, the journeys become journeys inside myself.


In I & You-web-13.jpg


New York book of my City Project.

The city which created the artist in me, the city which found the Dali in my soul corner. 

Being in the city I felt a strange feeling of being home yet feeling home sick. 
My souls started the search for personalities there, my body wanted to feel the nature at home in Greenland


Keepers of the Ocean

When I figured what New York City means to me, I needed to figure out what my home town means to me as well who I was in my home town.

With all the nature and natural way of living, I found my hometown, without a surprise, is a safe place for me, with lots of love and safe zone within danger and intimacy. 





Ever since I started traveling abroad, the door has always been Copenhagen Denmark, THe place I love and loath. 

as a Greenlandic person, there is an automatic package: the last bi-product of colonialism.
People dont talk to me here, they talk about Greenland, I even have a routine, that seems like I have practiced that all my life.


I wonder which city you are

Will be interesting