Found Project

Found Project is a bigger project related to the history that I posses in my soul and dna, Greenlandic history.
I realized that the written history of Greenland is mostly written by foreigners and most of the photos taken back then were taken by foreigners.

Theoretically, with no other questions, we are receiving the correct information, but like in chemistry, theory and practical exercises will never give the same information, because every situation has a way to loose or gain information in a way that we can not control. This situation is like that too, we can not control another persons fascination and focus when writing about Greenland, we can not tell how the language boundaries changed the relation of what is going on and what is written.
We can not control the photographers view and idea what should be included in the photos. 

So I came up with the idea that I want to minimize those fouls by collecting photos from families, friends, locals and show their everyday life. Let their own history become a reachable Greenlandic history in a book form.



Porcelain Souls

This book is the first book of the found project.
The photos in this book are a collection of photos that my parents took when they were young mixed with their letters to each other when they lived in different places (Father in Sisimiut, Greenland and mother in Aarhus, Denmark).

Porcelain Souls represent 70s and 80s and has 73 photos.



Sunsets At The Forgotten Moments

The second book from the Found Project, representing a broad age different from 40s to 90s.

Photos belonged to my grandparents when they were alive and contains a lot of family or relatives, a pure story of family-hood.

Sunsets At The Forgotten Moments has 229 photos. 



John Møller

The third book from the found project.

This book represent late 1800s and beginning of 1900s.

John Møller is a greenlandic photographer who took portraits of foreigners who came to Nuuk.

John Møller has x photos.

Broken Window-web-2.jpg

Broken Window of a Golden Frame

The forth book of Found Project is a collection of my own photograph of my family.

Inspired by the previous books, I portray as many of my family.

Broken Window of a Golden Frame has x photos.